Soul Rest: 7 Days To Renewal



When we take the time to look inward to understand the condition of our hearts, sometimes what we find there can produce feelings of guilt, shame, and disappointment. Although this is completely understandable, this is not God’s intention for your life. We may even begin to feel a bit overwhelmed because the number of areas we’ve identified as needing rest and healing seems insurmountable. The beautiful good news is that rest will not come from our work but from God’s finished work. We know that a vacation, sleep, or other restful postures will not be enough to restore us fully. When unrest is at the soul level, it’s untouchable by traditional means. We need an “other than” kind of power to remedy it. God is the true source of rest. 

Today, focus on the truth that God is the ultimate source of the rest we long for. When was the last time you allowed yourself to just drink in the reality of who God really is? Most of our lives are lived in light of the reality of knowing the importance of God but not truly remembering and focusing on His story. In your time of stillness, meditate on God as our source of rest. Read some Scripture to support this idea. Look at the verses that point to the attributes of God. Take note of the things that come to mind as you do. 

Caution: We may be tempted to believe that there are multiple ways that we can attain soul rest. Although there are many ways for us to assume a restful posture and experience temporary rest, the true source of the rest we long for comes from God, alone. 

Thou hast formed us for Thyself, and our hearts are restless till they find rest in Thee.