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Debt: A Biblical ExplorationSample

Debt: A Biblical Exploration

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Debt can cause so many problems both financially and spiritually. When too much debt is attained it is as if we become trapped, drowning in our finances. Our worries over our debt quickly consume our lives and our thoughts. We become servants to debt, and debt becomes our master. Debt can cause us to have tunnel vision, living life consumed by our financial worries instead putting God first in our lives. We can quickly forget about God and those around us who we care and love. Dallas Willard describes the spiritual bondage we encounter when we get in too much debt. "In our current world, a large part of the freedom that comes from frugality is freedom from the spiritual bondage caused by financial debt. This kind of debt is often incurred by buying things that are far from necessary, and its effect, when the amount is substantial, is to diminish our sense of worth, dim our hope for the future, and eliminate our sensitivity to the needs of others."
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Debt: A Biblical Exploration

In our instant-gratification society, many of us have fallen to the temptation of buy-now-pay-later—creating mountains of financial debt. But that’s just the way things are, right? What does Scripture have to say about i...


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