Encountering God In The Jewish Feast Of Weeks

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Encountering God When Delivered From Bondage 

Fifty days after God delivered the Jewish people from bondage in Egypt, He gave them the Torah, His instruction. During the Feast of Weeks, or Shavuot, Jewish people celebrate the gift of the Scriptures. The fact that God has spoken to mankind is astounding. He has done so through the Law and also through the prophets, psalmists, and ultimately – as Messianic Jews and other Believers understand – through Yeshua (Jesus) Himself (Hebrews 1:1–2).   

The Word of God is alive and infused with His Spirit (Hebrews 4:12 and 2 Timothy 3:16). Through the Scriptures, we discover God’s vast qualities, His mighty power, and steadfast trustworthiness. His Word meets us in our need, conveys His promises to us, and offers us His strength. It assures us of His love (John 3:16), invites us to rest in His presence (Matthew 11:28) and offers us His strength when we are weary (Isaiah 40:31 and Philippians 4:13). 

The Word of God is enduring. It will never pass away (1 Peter 1:23 and Matthew 25:35). Scripture reminds us what a gift God’s Word is to us by instructing us to treasure it in our hearts, place our hope in God through it and let it dwell richly within us (Psalm 119:22 and 114, Colossians 3:16). 

God has revealed Himself in His Word. He is there in the details of the history books, the emotions of the poetic writings, the future events spoken of by the prophets, and in the instruction of the Law and the New Covenant.  If you want to have an encounter with God, begin in His Word. On every page, He is present and waiting to speak to you.  

 Where in the Bible will you meet God today?