The Messy Table (Part 2): A 7-Day Bible Plan For Women

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Tanner Cangelosi
God’s Life-Giving Word

My grandmother was a hero of mine. She had five boys and, at one point, they were all under five years old. No multiples—you do the math. Bless her.

I used to judge her when her boys would tell stories of her pouring cheerios on the ground for them to have their “snack time.” I couldn’t believe she would do something so unsanitary. Many years later and having six children in five years, including a set of triplets, I realize she was brilliant. She didn’t sweat the small stuff. She made the important things the important things. She possessed a rare gift to make everyone feel like the favorite. 

I want to be that same way. The desire of my heart is to make my family, my guests, and strangers I meet on the street feel as valuable as they truly are because of God’s grace. Then life happens: a lot of dishes, sweeping, laundry, cleaning up vomit, wiping bottoms and being on spill duty. I’m tired just thinking about it, and then I forget. I forget to look beyond myself and see the joy of the small gifts the Lord has given me for only a short time.

My triplets are four years old now, and I really haven’t slept well in a few years. So in my fog, I have battled for time with my King, because He is the ONLY reason I have come this far. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. In my desperation, I have been known to take my kids to the gym and drop them off in childcare so I could read my Bible! You make time for things you love. For me, it’s like coming up for air. His Word is the ONLY thing that can truly refresh us. 

Thank God for “watching over your way” and the way of your children. Put him first and make time for the only One who sustains. He is always good, and His Word refreshes.

Table Questions:

1.     What are you thankful for? List at least three things.
2.     What do you delight in?
3.     Where do you spend your free time?
4.     Where could you slow down to enjoy the refreshing presence of God?  What activities might you need to stop in order to do this?