The Messy Table (Part 2): A 7-Day Bible Plan For Women


Kat Robinson

The Greatness of God’s Plan

God doesn't give us a floodlight to know our whole lives, only a flashlight to help us see what the next step is. If we saw the whole picture, we probably couldn't handle it. He equips us for what is in front of us and for more as it comes. We just need to obey. Obey in the small strange things and when it's hard, ugly or impossible.

We were shocked to find out that our infant would need open heart surgery. We couldn't DO anything to change our circumstances, which taught us how to truly trust him with our baby. We didn't know what fervent prayer even was until we prayed constantly for our son's life. God grew our faith over those few months and we learned to lean on him. 

Did I intend to have a child go through open heart surgery? No. But God has used it to glorify himself and impact others.

We simply had an idea to begin with a small garden. Each year the garden got a little bigger, as did our faith, and now it has blossomed into a business. I get to serve my neighbors and community by providing fresh and healthy food for their families. 

Did I intend to be a farmer? No. But God is using it to glorify himself and impact others. 

Leading worship was a dream I didn't know I desired until it happened. Honestly, this doesn't come easy to me, but it has kept me at His feet asking for help. Our whole family has learned more about a lifestyle of worship and sacrifice. 

Did I intend on leading worship? No. But God is using it to glorify himself and impact others.

My son is perfectly healthy with an exclamation point scar on his chest. Our family is growing vegetables and teaching people about food. Leading worship has changed our whole family for the better.

None of this was my plan. It was God’s plan, and it is so much better.

God knows our passions and gifts, because he placed them there. He can see how this story ends and how this mess you are walking through will positively impact the people around you. Maybe you don't know what your next step is. God does. And not only will it be good, but it will be so much more than you could ever ask, think or imagine.

Table Questions:

1.    What's an area of your life where you struggle to obey?

2.    What next big or small step is God calling you to take?

3.    What is a gift you have that you are not using?