Love is a Command, Not a Feeling. 

Love is the ability to overcome offences by grace. Love is also the elimination of barriers, allowing oneself to be light and salt regardless of the circumstance, objections, and opinions of others. Love is not a feeling because if it were based on our feelings the difficulty of loving our enemy and blessing those who curse us, confirms that love could never win. Instead; love is confrontational, causing believers to confront prejudice, while examining Jesus' instruction to “love your neighbour as you love yourself.”

Who’s our "neighbour"? In the Parable of the Good Samaritan, Jesus identifies the aide as the most unlikely and least desired solution. Race, political and religious views, and perhaps other differences made the Samaritan an undesirable character in the Parable, but also the catalyst for change - because love confronts prejudice. Reflect on your love walk; should a person's worldview, socioeconomic status, gender, immigration status, or the pigment of their skin exclude them from dialogue or assistance? 

It’s an ambassador's responsibility to introduce and spread the culture of the Kingdom (or government) the ambassador represents. That becomes a tough task when only engaging with and loving on those who love you.