Planting Seeds Of Faith

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Connecting With Your Kids

As parents, one of our greatest desires is to have our children become lifelong Christ followers. That does not happen by itself. We must plant seeds of faith to help them grow into active and strong disciples of Jesus. Being strongly connected to your children is an important priority. Lee Strobel uses the idea of enfolding them into our world.

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Sharing each other’s world is an important first step. How connected are you? Do you know what is important to your children? Do they see a genuine faith in you that helps draw them towards walking with God? We see this mindset of pointing people to Christ throughout much of the writings of the apostle Paul. It is especially evident in his relationship with Timothy — who in many respects was like a son to him. Paul thought very highly of Timothy and believed he could accomplish much for the kingdom. The basis for Paul’s belief in Timothy was because of the strong connection that the two of them had into each other's world. These scriptures can guide you and provide hope for parents. With the desired outcome of your child being like a Timothy.

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