Rise: Stepping Up To God's Call


Rise to the Call of God

What is God calling you into and out of? Rise up, and walk in that calling. 


In the book of Acts there is a Jewish leader, Saul, who is arresting and killing all of Jesus’ disciples. He is focused on destroying the church. God does something radical: He appears to Saul in a miraculous vision. God calls him to something new, something great. God invites Saul to step into his future and follow His leading! 

Acts 26:16 is the command of God to Saul. Saul is being charged to be a “servant and witness” for God and to no longer destroy the church, but serve Him. Isn’t that crazy? The same man that was hurting the church, God used to serve the church! Can you imagine how the disciples felt when suddenly Saul shows up? 

God gave Saul a new purpose in life and also gave him a new name, Paul. Paul went on to write many books of the Bible, and plant many churches! No matter who we are, or where we come from, God is calling us to do great things! We must open ourselves up to seek God for the call on our lives. Then we must take action and rise, and walk in the calling God has for us!


  1. LISTEN FOR GOD’S VOICE! Take a moment to pray and ask God if there is something He wants to say to you. 
  2. DON’T WAIT! If we wait to begin when we have it all together, we will never start! Do something today! Tell someone what God is saying to you, or write it down.
  3. RISE! Sometimes we don’t have all the answers when we begin the journey. God calls us to rise before we know all the steps ahead. Start the journey! Keep Reading! Rise Up!