You Belong

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You Belong to God

As the body of Christ, we should strive to create an atmosphere where people can belong before they believe. Some churches, however, take this concept too far and become very seeker-sensitive. Others endeavor to make the church so nice, neat, and professional that they tend to create an atmosphere that does not allow people who aren't "well groomed" to feel at home in their circles. I, and any follower of Christ should, have a problem with both of these philosophies. 

There are those who think that the solution is a happy medium and they will argue that “balance is the key.”  No, balance is not the key. Balance will have you teetering back and forth like a seesaw. Balance has created a great dichotomy that should have never existed. The question should never have been, "Can someone belong before they believe?" The question is simple. Do you belong? Do you belong to God? 

Every creature that has ever existed belonged first to the creator. Every sinner who is far, every saint who draws near, every traveler who passes by; they all belong. Whether this is informative or not, the truth remains: God made you and you are His. According to Colossians 1:16, not only do you belong to Him, but you belong for Him. This means you have a purpose and you were not created to just exist. You were formed to help carry out the very will of God. God wants to use you.

Understanding that you have purpose is a very big step. Discovering what your purpose is, however, could be life-changing. Acknowledging God made you should lead you to ask one simple question. Why?