#Hashtag: Do Our Labels Define Us?

Day 6 of 7 • This day’s reading


A few days ago, we talked about feeling worthless; and yesterday we talked about being broken. Throughout our lives, there are days we simply don’t feel valued. So today, we’re going to discuss how valued you really are.

When Jesus came to earth, he told us what love is. More than that, he showed us what love is. He brought the dead back to life, he healed diseases and healed hearts. Jesus gave hope to everyone who came to him, and gave life to all who believed. He lived a perfect life. During that time, he knew there would be a day he was to be betrayed and nailed to the cruel cross. 

Crucifixion is the most painful way to die known to man, because they have to die slowly and with extreme pain the entire time. The word ‘excruciating’ was invented to describe the pain on the cross. Yet Jesus, in all his perfect knowledge and wisdom. He left Heaven to be with us on earth, walk with us, teach us, and die for us; all while knowing he would die in the most painful way possible. He knew it was going to happen from the very beginning, and yet still He chose to die for us! 

Why did he do that? Because our sin created separation between us and God; but we are loved and valued so much that Jesus wanted to REMOVE any separation between us and him! You are loved and valued by God! 

#prayer: Lord thank you for wanting to know me! I don’t deserve your love, and yet you still love me. I pray that you help me to value you in my life too! Amen.

#challenge: Take a selfie and copy/paste this:

#challenge: I am #valued as a child of God!

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~ by Shane Thacker