#Hashtag: Do Our Labels Define Us?

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I am one of those people you would call, “Average”. I do things well, but I wouldn’t say I am great at anything. There are people who are better at school, sports, serving, and pretty much everything I do. I would never say I am “one of a kind”, “special”, or “unique”; I am just “average”. Do you feel the same way?

In choir at school there were always these girls who got the solos, and I thought they were amazing. But because I thought so highly of them, I never had the courage to audition for a part myself. In youth group there were kids who would lead Bible studies, sing worship, be leaders. Again, I thought so highly of them because God set them apart, he made them special for His plan. There was always someone better than me, so I allowed them to be used by God. I would just step in line and follow. 

Do you know what I realize now? There will always be someone better than me, but God doesn’t care. He still wants to use me! He created me special, unique and has a purpose for me. Look at the disciples, they were just fishermen from Galilee. What about Jesus? He was the son of a carpenter from Nazareth. Yet God did some pretty amazing things through them, wouldn’t you agree?

Do you feel like you are one of the “average” people? Nothing special about you, nothing you can offer God? It’s a lie that Satan wants you to believe. You are one in a million and God has such a big plan for you, if you are just willing to trust him. There will always seem to be someone better than you for the role, but God doesn’t always ask for THE best, He asks for YOUR best.

So, are you going to ignore Gods calling for you and let those you believe are better for God’s plan step in and do it. Or are you going to step up and do your best to fulfill the calling God has specifically for the ‘better than average’ you? 

#prayer; God, help me to be strong and courageous. I forget at times that you created each of us special for your plan and purpose. Help me to follow Your will and trust You even when I think others could serve you better’? 

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#challenge: I was created for something #better!

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~ Christina Thacker