How Beautiful Your Grace From Red Rocks Worship

Day 1 of 3 • This day’s reading


This song was written from the perspective of the Prodigal Son in the parable found in Luke 15 -  “While he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him.” The father didn’t have a chance yet to give a guilt trip. There wasn’t time for shaming or blaming. Just running. Just embracing. Just kissing. He allowed his son to leave the family home - he’s the one who gave him the inheritance! Perhaps the most amazing fact of it all is he wasn’t surprised by any of it. He let his son go his own way to figure out what and where he wanted to be. He loved his son before his decision to leave, during his leave, and in his return home. Before his son had a chance to prove how sorry he was, the father rushed out to him and offered all the love he had.

I think it’s easier for us to accept the sovereignty of God when tragedy strikes or life is tough to understand. When it comes to our normal everyday lives and the decisions we face, perhaps we don’t think about it as much. Our Father gives us free will, he gives us intellect and a life we’re responsible to live. He’s not shocked by anything that comes our way, things completely out of our control, or things that are a direct result of our decisions. When we find ourselves in a mess, He’s not shocked. When we wake up among pigs, tired, broke and hungry, He’s not enraged. When we’re faced with the distance we’ve created, He’s not threatened. The power of His love doesn’t shrink based on where we are or what we’ve done. His sovereignty is steady; He sees all and knows all, and still He loves.

I’ve wasted years living as if I do the right things then God will somehow love me more. Then when I need Him to really show up, I’ll have enough earned favor from all my good behavior, but I’ve been able to see how backwards and contradictory that way of thinking is to the message of the gospel. The truth is, it’s always been Him and it always will be. It’s always been His love that does the pursuing, that does the running. His love has done the winning. Rest today knowing you are so completely and fully loved by your Father, no matter where you are. 

Written by Nicole Serrano