Breakfast Bites

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Make My Day

Seek him first. Why is this such a recurring suggestion, both in the Bible and among Christians? If you regularly begin your day with the Lord, you already know what a day-maker he is. If you haven’t settled into the practice, start today. See how his loving presence affects your days.

Before the day has a chance to disappoint you, before the enemy finds a way to distract you, seek God first. Invite him into every waking moment. Sense him in your interactions and your transactions. Notice the tenderness with which he sees the people you encounter. Invite him to contribute to your decisions. Observe how he consistently places you on the path of love. Allow him to carry your burdens and see if a joyful song doesn’t swell inside you. Allow it to overtake your heart.

Jesus, I invite you to make my day today. Let my words, my thoughts, and my actions be yours. Replace my irritations and frustrations with your patience and compassion. Fill me with your love, so I may reflect it to others. Fill my heart with your song.

New studies are showing that up to 58 percent of the general population skips breakfast at least once a week! Breakfast helps give you the energy you need to make it through the day. And if you are feeling particularly crabby, it’s more important than ever to eat in the morning. A good breakfast helps you face the day with more energy, and it helps you cope with some of those irksome issues that are bound to arise.