The Fear Factor

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Is fear of criticism, ridicule or rejection holding you back from your dreams and your purpose?

People fear many things when they consider taking that big step into their goals. Perhaps the most dreaded is the fear of criticism. They fear looking foolish in front of other people, especially when those other people have predicted their downfall. They fear rejection.

If you are concerned about the criticism or rejection of others, take heart. Remember the source of the words. The ones who criticize you for having ambitions are people who have fallen short of their own goals in life. They used to dream, but now they live safely in a predictable, average life, because they failed once, and they are afraid to try again. Deep inside they don’t want you to succeed either, because your success would show them up and bring to light their own surrender to fear. They want you to conform to their mediocrity. 

Don’t conform. Absolutely do not. Ignore the criticism and the pessimism. Instead, do something meaningful so your life is never so small that you belittle someone from secret resentment and envy.