The Fear Factor

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Is fear of the unknown holding you back from your dreams and your purpose?

When you talk about your dream, you may hear yourself say, “I’ve never done this before,” or “this is completely outside of my comfort zone.” Fear of the unknown is huge. Many people have serious concerns about venturing into new places and being among people they do not know. We are all creatures of habit. When you go to the grocery store, the gym, or the church, do you park in the same location every time? When you are invited to a social event, would you go alone, or is it important to you to have your spouse or a friend with you? 

Fear of the unknown can also hold you back from realizing a dream or a goal. The world is large and often you will need to expand your borders. Think of the most important person in your life. Where did you meet? Most likely they did not walk up to your front door. At least one of you was in a location or situation with unfamiliar people and perhaps new surroundings. Look at the benefit your life has gained by expanding your borders that day. What is more important to you? Staying where you are comfortable or setting out on a lifetime adventure?

There are great possibilities outside of your comfort zone. Replace your fear of the unknown with the anticipation of adding value to your life.