How Sweet The Sound

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What’s Your Song? 

The sound of Jesus’ death thunderously split earth, tore through religion, and climaxed with the death-defying salvation symphony of Easter morning. He is risen, and we’ve never stopped singing about it. 

The once profane, slave-trading sailor, John Newton, heard the reverberating, life-changing sounds of Easter and was remade into the anti-slavery song-writer of Amazing Grace.

Joseph Scriven lost the love of his life, twice, then went on to cut wood and work sometimes for no wages, to help the widows, the sick, and the underserved around him. Despite life’s deafening pains, He also heard that sweet sound of salvation and wrote What a Friend We Have in Jesus

On his father’s cotton farm, Albert E. Brumley began humming along with salvation’s tune. Because of Jesus, everyone from cotton growers, to coders can sing and believe the eternal hope of I’ll Fly Away

And if Horatio Spafford can look down at the ocean that stole his four children, and then in the same boat look lovingly up to the God who welcomed them home, then we can all sing his song, It Is Well with My Soul

What’s your song? What has He taught you to say? What is your tone? What makes you sing? How have the sounds of Easter reached into your life and changed you? Write it down.

You don’t have to be a worship leader or a poet. Just write down what God’s done. It could be short or long, musical or barely legible. Just write it down. Then find a quiet place alone, and read it back to God. Add your words to history’s symphony of salvation. I promise when you do, your good God will be saying, “How sweet the sound.” 


Pray: God, thank You for what You’ve done in my life. Thank You for Your grace, Your peace, Your friendship, and Your Son, Jesus. Amen.  

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