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How Sweet The SoundSample

How Sweet The Sound

DAY 1 OF 6

The Sounds of Easter

“How did I just make the same mistake?” Do you ever hear that same old song? Listening to those tired words leads me back to Scripture’s song of sin and grace. I find music that never tires. I listen again to the sounds of Easter. Low notes, like Jesus death, and high notes like His resurrection, all within the melody of grace. 

Do you ever hear alluring thoughts that coerce you with false freedom, then shame your every misstep? Do you hear whispered undertones of, “You won’t be enough, you’ll never get out of this, or you’re on your own”? Next to the sounds of Easter, these enemy sounds are exposed as empty racket. 

I hear angrily concocted accusations, a whip on innocent skin, a hammer driving nails through open hands, and I hear, “Father, forgive them.” I hear one last breath, and within a beat I hear sky and earth thunder with rock-splitting power. As the right note and pitch cracks the tallest glass ceiling, these sounds tear through religion’s curtain between God and man, from top to bottom. 

Then, silence.

For three days, silence. Darkness. Did death win? But dawn brings the slow, crumbling sound of rolling limestone crushing earth covered in morning dew. The tomb is open. Birds sing again. A woman’s feet pit-pat, then stop in their tracks. Her hands drop everything with a childish gasp. Then she hears an Easter sound, “Why do you seek the living among the dead?”

The tomb is empty. Death did not win. The sound of grace is tuned for every ear. And a voice speaks new life, “He is risen.”

Another sound of Easter came some 50 days after Jesus rose. The promised Holy Spirit came like a blowing violent wind to fill Jesus’ followers with power. Now, when you speak on behalf of Jesus, you unleash some of that mighty power. When you respond to life with "Thank You, God," He hears beautiful music. An honest "Help me, God!" invites the Holy Spirit’s powerful presence. Your defiant, “Not this time,” silences the stinging ring of sin. A humbling defeat confessed to friends, settles the noise of shame and strikes a chord of healing. You bravely find words to tell others of His love, and the Holy Spirit opens ears.

How sweet the sounds of Easter.


Pray: God, thank You for grace—enough for the worst of me. Silence the enemy sounds. Holy Spirit, give me courage to live out loud for You. Help me to hear and live out the sounds of Easter today.

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How Sweet The Sound

Chaos crashes on us like waves. Sorrow finds us in our lowest valleys. But in the midst of the storms and the darkness, there’s a strength greater than our own. There’s a redemption deeper than any pain. Start this Life....


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