Living Changed: Identity


Our Identity

Identity is defined as the qualities and beliefs that distinguish a person. It sounds simple, but our identity is the core of who we are. Everything we do and say stems from our confidence in who we believe we are or are not. Decisions are made and actions are taken because of where we place our identity. Bottom line, who we identify ourselves as affects every area of our lives. 

When God created our identity, He fashioned it to be constant and unchanging. He designed it this way so that we could walk in freedom and confidence, knowing that even though we sin and continually mess up, we are forever loved, useful, and powerful because of His spirit in us.  

No one and nothing can take away our God-given identity, but it is up to  us to either accept or reject it. If we choose to reject His truth, for whatever reason, we are left defining our identity by things like life experiences, opinions, people, bank accounts, and even abilities. We become desperate souls seeking to be somebody but always falling short of feeling secure and strong. The sooner we realize that all we want and need is in Christ, the sooner we can live the lives we have been seeking. 

No matter what you are struggling with and why, get ready to have the old way of seeing yourself shattered. The journey of finding your identity in Christ will leave you changed forever.

Who do you see yourself as?

If you view yourself differently than how God sees you, what have you allowed to define your identity?