Adamant With Lisa Bevere

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People for centuries looked for a substance they called adamas. This obscure stone would be powerful, magnetic, luminous, and indestructible. Rulers thought that if they could ever find it, they would be able to use it for weapons and armor in order to become undefeatable. For hundreds of years, heroes would go on quests, looking for this magical stone. 

I like the idea of all this. There’s something appealing about quests and stones of power, but no one really goes questing for mystical stones anymore. Now the search has changed. It is no longer an impervious mineral that the world is looking for; they are looking for an impervious and unchanging truth.

At our core, we want something solid, something steadfast. Even Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?” For many, this is a hard question—and for far too long, we’ve been willing to leave it unanswered.

We live in a day when we need core conversations, core relationships, and a core connection with the Word of God, which is truth. We’re a generation that has been stripped of our awe, and all too often we are left with empty pursuits, tossed and turned in a river of so-called truth. 

But truth is not a river. It is a rock. 

In the midst of all this confusion and comparison, we must turn to Jesus. He is our Rock, our Adamant: unmovable and unshakable. We are invited to fashion our lives in Him—not just on Him, but in Him—as our firm foundation. He is the only sure footing in a world littered with gravel. 

When we do this, He causes us to become firm, just like Him. He is the cornerstone, but we are also living stones, built with Him into a spiritual house that serves as an outpost and shelter for all those who are shaken by our ever-changing world. 

This is part of our calling as Christians—to stand firm in truth, not just for our own sake, but also for the sake of those who are looking for something on which they can build their lives. 

What does it mean to you that Jesus is the Rock? What are the areas where truth has become fluid in your world?