The Other Side Of Beauty: 7-Day Reading Plan

The Other Side Of Beauty: 7-Day Reading Plan

DAY 7 OF 7

You, my sweet sisters, are strong and brave. . . . God made you that way. You are brave enough and strong enough to deny the world’s limited definition of beauty and valiantly accept the beauty you’ve been made for and already have within you. The world’s idea of beauty is shallow. It leads to brokenness, inwardness, and isolation. It’s a type of rat race that can keep us running in circles until we are exhausted. . . .

The other side of beauty, the beauty that is God, never ends. It will always lead you to wholeness, holiness, and joy, because the way of beauty is the way of Christ Jesus.

This world needs beauty. We need real beauty. We need women who are brave enough to reclaim authentic beauty, to refuse the counterfeit and raise the bar so that all people will value each person over that person’s parts. Invest in beauty. Invest in holiness. Rather than comparing and competing with others, look to the women of the world as companions, as your sisters in Christ. Offer a kind word, a compliment, or an encouragement for them in their search for beauty. . . .

Let us create an influence, an effect, and a power in the world that uplifts women’s dignity, embraces our differences, and aims to bring the love and beauty of Christ to others.

The world needs you. Beauty needs you. Now, go, and do something beautiful for God.

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The Other Side Of Beauty: 7-Day Reading Plan

This seven-day reading plan is taken from the book The Other Side of Beauty by former model and America's Top Model Contestant Leah Darrow. Through her own experiences in the beauty industry, Darrow shares how she learne...

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