The Other Side Of Beauty: 7-Day Reading Plan

The Other Side Of Beauty: 7-Day Reading Plan

DAY 6 OF 7

Contrary to popular thought, modesty does not just apply to what we wear. Modesty in all its facets—in our speech, in our dress, and in our actions—matters. It matters because we matter, and we interact with other humans on this great planet, and they matter too!

While it is true that beauty is so much more than our physical selves, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about how we look. Our outward appearance should reflect our heart, our interior self. While Coco Chanel, Ralph Lauren, and Calvin Klein are some of the most famous fashion houses in history, the award of first fashion designer actually goes to someone else.

In Genesis 3:21 we read, “And the Lord God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skin, and clothed them.” Here we have biblical evidence that God was the very first fashion designer! It is important to note that this action from God came after Adam and Eve attempted to clothe themselves with fig leaves and hid in the garden of Eden. It’s not that Adam and Eve were completely naked and needed clothes; they had already clothed themselves as best as they could. But somehow those man-made clothes were inadequate, for they hid and did not present themselves to each other or to God. So God made them new clothes, that is, clothing adequate to their dignity.

The truth is that God does care about what we wear. Not in terms of size, color, or designer, but in terms of our bodies being veiled, or clothed, appropriate to our dignity. If someone loves you totally in mind, body, and soul, he or she is going to care about everything that affects you in mind, body, and soul. Perhaps you’ve experienced that kind of care from your family, but God’s care extends so much further than we can imagine; it encompasses everything that affects us, every choice we make, our entire being. So if you think that God doesn’t care about what we wear, then you’ve missed the lesson from Genesis. God loves us and wants our greatest happiness and our greatest dignity, even when we don’t want it for ourselves.


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The Other Side Of Beauty: 7-Day Reading Plan

This seven-day reading plan is taken from the book The Other Side of Beauty by former model and America's Top Model Contestant Leah Darrow. Through her own experiences in the beauty industry, Darrow shares how she learne...

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