Lifepoint Worship Holy Week Devotional

Day 7 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Seven: Tremble

The Sabbath came. Jesus had been crucified and His body placed in a borrowed tomb. The crowds were gone and the shouting had quieted. In the wake of Jesus’ controversial killing, Pilate, the Roman governor over Judea, ordered additional watch over His grave. In the stillness after chaos, it seemed that the story of Jesus had come to an end. But stillness must not be confused with ending!

On the Sabbath, Jesus was quite possibly in the midst His greatest work. On the surface of the grave, nobody knew that Jesus was active beneath. Nobody knew that He would not only be raised to life, but that He would defeat death for all time. With His resurrection, Jesus proved that no darkness is permanent, no death is victorious. Maybe there’s a hope in your heart that has been buried, locked behind a heavy stone. When nothing seems to be happening on the surface, take heart; Resurrection is here!


What buried hope is Jesus challenging you to believe for again? 

Are you willing to open this area of your heart to Him?