Lifepoint Worship Holy Week Devotional

Day 4 of 7 • This day’s reading


Day Four: I Surrender

While in Bethany, Jesus shared a meal with His disciples and close friends. However, only Jesus knew this dinner party was much different than ones past. In only a few days, Jesus would perform the greatest act of love ever displayed by laying down His perfect life for all mankind. And Mary would perform one of the greatest acts of worship ever recorded in Scripture. When Jesus took His place at the table, Mary entered the room with a very valuable perfume. She then broke it open and anointed Jesus, pouring it over His head. Those in attendance that night judged her act, questioning her motives and the squandering of such a costly gift. But where men saw great waste, God saw unrestrained worship. 

Because of her overwhelming gratitude, Mary did not hesitate to pour out her most precious possession on Jesus. A perfume worth a year’s wages was a reasonable gift for the one who had given her everything. 

Today, you have the opportunity to surrender your very best to Jesus in response to His sacrifice. Nothing of value is wasted on Him. Though others in your life may think your love is reckless, Jesus receives you with honor. 


What have you been withholding from Jesus that you will surrender as an act of worship?