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Put Your Priorities in Place 

Many of us struggle with a need for approval. In our insecurity, we often seek unhealthy affirmation or adoration from those around us. We are tempted to demand respect from our friends, love from our family, recognition from coworkers, and good standing within our community. We strive for conditional, social rewards. Something missing within us longs for acceptance, and so we shift our attention to the accolades that this world so teasingly offers. 

Sol’s story it much the same, seeking solace from his fans, but never finding the satisfaction he needs because his heart yearns for something less superficial, more profound and meaningful—we all do. 

Perhaps much of our struggle is that we prefer to place the spot­light on our exterior achievements rather than dealing with our innermost misgivings. It’s easy for our priorities to become mis­guided. If only we would seek our self-confidence from God our Father. 

It has been said that the chief end of mankind is to bring glory to God. The honest question that every one of us needs to face is this one: In all sincerity, given the choice, who would I want to see glorified in my life today? Myself? Or God?

Shine the Light

1. Katy faces her terminal illness with three things on her mind, preparing for eternity, fulfilling the “let there be light” directive, and loving her family. If you knew you had only a few months to live what would your priorities be? How would they be different than the priorities you currently keep?

2. If God is to receive all glory, can we still celebrate our achievements? How so?

3. Trick question: What do you need to do to receive God’s approval?

4. What activities or thoughts do you have that get in the way of the glory of God being seen in your life?

God, whenever I am swayed to seek my own stance upon your pedestal, remind me of who you are and what my pri­orities should be. Amen.

Share the Light

On one side of a piece of paper, make a list of your pri­orities. On the other side, make a “To Do” list of your schedule and activities. Do these two lists match-up? Are there items that contradict one another? How could you make these two lists more congruent?