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Share the Light

DAY 1 OF 5

Light in the Darkness 

You are invited on an incredible journey. Ahead of you is a world covered in darkness. Some of your friends and family are stumbling as they stretch out their arms, test their footing, and try to navigate their way through obstacles in the dark. In some moments, debris has covered their paths. In other moments, disoriented wandering has caused them great confusion. People in this darkening world are struggling to see what God has created for them, some, even, fail to know their creator. When darkness sets into a person’s life, it steers them a long way from hope and blinds their vision. 

But God said, “Let there be light.” 

And there was. 

Jesus, the light of the world, invites you to walk with him as he shines into the darkness. God wants to light the way so that people can find him. He wants you to follow him so that you can have his light of life. As you walk in his steps, he wants you to share his light with others. You are his welcomed partner in his good work to give life to the those faltering in the darkness. His desire is for you to reflect his radiance upon your family, your friends, and all those you will encounter today.

Shine the Light 

1. Read each word of John 8:12. What stands out to you? 

2. Take a moment to remember a time you physically walked around in darkness. What did you do with your hands? What was each step like? What worries did you have? 

3. What steps could you personally take today to more closely “follow Jesus”? 

4. Take a moment to think of friends and family who are struggling today. In what ways are they struggling to find their way in the darkness? How could God’s light give them hope? 

Lord Jesus, light of the world, thank you for giving light to my life. Thank you for inviting me to join you in your mis­sion. Today, let me reveal your life and light to others. Let me not be afraid. Let me stand tall in the confidence of your good work so that those around me would be given hope. Amen.

Share the Light 

Choose someone you know who is clouded by darkness today. Take time right now to pray for them. Brighten up their day by sending them a card, some flowers, or inviting them to do something fun and “light”-hearted with you.


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Share the Light

After the success of the theatrical release of their movie Let There Be Light , Sam and Kevin Sorbo now present a devotional follow-up that takes a deeper dive into themes from the movie, including family, fatherhood, a...


We would like to thank Sam and Kevin Sorbo for providing this plan. For more information, please visit:

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