Created On Purpose With Purpose

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"Be A Finisher"

The goal is to ‘finish’. But don’t get so focused on finishing quickly that you skip steps in the process. You may have heard clearly from God regarding your assignment or your purpose and then you began to take the necessary steps to reach that goal or to do what was asked of you. You may not realize it but you have come a long way. If you could see your life from His perspective you may even be 85% complete with the task He needs you to do. It is at this point that many get frustrated and quit. Then it may seem like God stopped speaking all of a sudden. But God is focused. My mentor told me that He won’t tell you to do something else until you finish the first thing He told you to do. In other words, He’s only on hold because you put Him there.

At this point, you may feel like you have spent so long doing the wrong thing that you don’t know how to get right. Rest assured. Every day that you wake up is another opportunity to get it right. Maybe you even started that process years ago but then got distracted or fell off for one reason or another. Maybe you have put your true purpose on hold or on your to-do list. To you I say one word - “FINISH!” In a world full of starters, be a finisher. You were born to PRODUCE a change on Earth. The world needs your influence. It’s easy to be frustrated with external influences. It’s hard to exert influence that produces a change. Do the HARD thing! Make a commitment to God, yourself, and the world, to deliver what God placed inside of you. Ecclesiastes 7:8a says, “The end of a thing is better than its beginning.” This is only true if the end includes completion.

It is time to stop waiting for God to get on our program and for us to fully submit to His. Sometimes we don’t complete an assignment because of conscious disobedience like Jonah. However, sometimes it is due to fear, envy, low self-esteem, lack of faith in our ability, laziness, or forgetfulness. Identify and correct the things that are preventing you from completing the last 5-10%.

Ask yourself what was I birthed to birth?