Created On Purpose With Purpose

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"His Original Intent"

One day, one of my daughter’s toys needed new batteries. I didn’t feel like going downstairs to get a screwdriver, so I grabbed a butter knife from the kitchen drawer, unscrewed the screws, and replaced the batteries. Then I used the same butter knife to put the screws back and voila, the toy worked again. The lesson here is that even though the purpose for the butter knife was not to be a screwdriver it was able to accomplish the task. What I haven’t yet mentioned is that the butter knife slipped out several times while I was screwing and unscrewing and the handle wasn’t comfortable to hold during the process. Although I was able to complete the task, the knife would have been better suited for the purpose for which it was designed – to butter bread. 

Like the butter knife turned screwdriver, many of us are doing some things in life that we were not designed to do. We are able to do them and complete certain tasks and assignments, but those things aren’t what God specifically designed and created us to do. Think about the gifts, talents and abilities that come naturally to you and ask yourself if they are truly being used to their highest degree. Are you utilizing all of your abilities or simply living life using your capabilities? In other words, as human beings, you and I are generally able to do many things but that doesn’t mean they are the things we need to or should be doing. It definitely doesn’t mean it’s what God created you to do. God doesn’t do things because He’s bored. He doesn’t do anything that isn’t fully and faithfully planned. He isn’t schizophrenic. He won’t call you to do something today and change His mind next week. He doesn’t make mistakes, errors, blunders, mishaps, failures, flaws or oopsies.

If He designed you with specific talents, characteristics, gifts and an anointing to accomplish a certain purpose, then that is what He wants and needs you to do. So often, people try and fix themselves to fit a certain ideal of what they think they should look like or who they think they should be, but they haven’t consulted their heavenly manufacturer to understand His perfect design. You were created purposefully. You have been created on purpose with a purpose!