Jesus Over Everything

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Savoring Jesus 

When Paul wrote to the Colossians to clarify the Person of Jesus for them, he did not use weak language. Everything has been made by, through, and for Jesus to this end: that Jesus would be preeminent in all things. Meaning this: Jesus over everything. As Charles Spurgeon put it, “If Christ be anything, He must be everything.”

This means Jesus is meant to have supremacy over every nation, every government, every cultural persuasion, every thought you think, every dream you dream, every emotion you feel, and everything in between. As we see Jesus rightly, we savor Jesus accordingly. When He returns, our Father in heaven will give His beloved Son everything He has been promised as an inheritance. We are part of that inheritance—and we can give Jesus part of His inheritance even today when we choose Him above everything else. This means we obey Him when it defies culture. We choose Him when we want something else. We submit to Him when our emotions try to pull us away from the straight and narrow road that leads to life.

Jesus, You are better than everything else. Help me to love and obey You. I want You to have a rich inheritance in me.