Awaken To The Beauty: Energized By The Love Of God

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


You are Beginning to See

May we start here, My love? May we start with your greatest desire? May we start our time here, together, thinking a bit about how I’ve made you, and whether or not you like what you see? 

Desire, yearning, awakening to passion, awakening to beginning . . . each occurs when you can let yourself see glimpses of the beauty of you I see. Oh, My daughter, I see you. I like what I see. When I thought of you, I knew who you’d be, this day. I knew the story, and the unfolding, and the journey, and how it has been hard. 

I am sorry it has been hard, but trust I don’t leave you here, in a place of desolation, in a place where it is only desert. I don’t leave you here to wander forever. I come and rescue and lead you with my right hand holding you fast. I do not forsake you or refuse healing or turn away when a hand is outstretched. I turn when a full heart, desperate for me, seeks healing, cries out for restoration. 

Speak out truth now. Speak it out, even if you don’t yet believe it. I will help you believe. I will help you believe I will rescue you. I will help you believe I am here. I will help you believe, with your whole heart, I am enough. 

Where do you place your hope, My love? Where do you run when you are worn out and frazzled? To what do you turn for energy? How do you attempt to find the next plan? Bend low now. See what I see. Quiet your heart and let Me show you what I see. Let Me speak truth into your heart that you may know who you are and know you are not alone and know how I lead you to new, fragrant places. See. 

The land ahead is lush and you are cared for. You know how you are carried and valued and delighted in and seen.

You are the beautiful land, plentiful and rich and bountiful. Your heart is full and your life is full and your future is full and you are beginning now. . . You are beginning to see.