Awaken To The Beauty: Energized By The Love Of God

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I’ve Written You a Love Song

I love to sit here with you. We can sit, side by side—you by My side. It is lovely here. Close your eyes. Let Me show you what I see. . . . I usher you into My company. I invite you to spend this day with Me. .  Right now, this moment. Stay here, where I am. . . Deep breath now, dear one. Oh, how you make Me smile. You know you don’t have to try so hard to be loved by Me. . . I’m not going anywhere. Remember, I love to stay here, with you.

Maybe this will be enough for today? Maybe sitting here, with Me, will be enough? Sometimes the quiet place where we go can’t be explained in words. Sometimes it is the place you know, deep within you, the picture I give you of where you most like to go, what you most like to do. It is the whisper most familiar, the love song so deep inside you you can easily not recognize it as the voice of Me singing. But I do. I love to sing over you, My dear.

Shall we stay here together, a little longer? Shall we wait together, your shoulder folded into My chest? Shall we rest? May I give you rest? It is time to slow down now. It is time to stay close to Me. There is so much to do, I know. But is there? Do you trust your list of what needs to get done more than Me? It will not all get done. There will never be that perfect day to spend with Me. But this moment, this moment right here. 

Come close, My daughter. I miss the slowing. I miss the gentle rhythm of moving, My step, then yours, My leaning, then yours. Let this be the season of slowing, of sitting with Me. Come, with anticipation. Come, with expectation. Come, with excitement. Come, with time to spend with Me. Come, with desire. Come, with surrender. Come, with longing. Come, with a seeking heart. 

Come to Me, and I will sit down too. And we will sit together, side by side, and we will enjoy this day together. You will be so close you will hear the sound of my breathing. You will watch the movement of My lips when I speak. You will know the color of My eyes. And you will know the feel of My skin as I hold your hand in My own.

Can we sit together now, My dear?

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