Renew, Rebuild, Restore - A 21 Day Prayer Devotional


The Restorative Power of the Bible 

One-night John, sat in his hotel room, he was totally defeated by self and sin. Through his excesses in life, his health was deteriorating, his family was falling apart, and his business was in ruins.

In his loneliness and desperation, he picked up a Bible that had been placed by The Gideons and started to read. The Spirit of God used the Word of God to bring him to a place of repentance and faith. John had entered that hotel room totally defeated, but he left the next morning wholly delivered. By the grace of God through Christ, his life had been conquered and John went on to become a Bible teacher and then God called him into ministry (Gideons International).

It is not the arguments of scholars that transforms lives, but the availability of The Bible to seekers. 

John’s life had been restored completely overnight, he had not heard the gospel from a Pastor or a Christian, he had just simply sat down, alone and read the powerful Word of God. Through the Holy Spirit, he had been convicted of his wrongdoings and came to a point of repentance. Paul writes that scripture is directly from God and helps in changing and training us for God’s Will for our lives (2 Timothy 3: 16 & 17). 

Nothing can change the lives of people like the Bible. Alcoholics and drug addicts have got their lives sober and clean because they started reading the Bible. God’s Word can change the most ungodly individuals into godly people and becoming upstanding citizens in the community.

Human hearts are not changed or set free by earthly things. Only God and His Word can change hearts. Even when obeying the Bible is hard and uncomfortable, it will set you free. The Bible tells you how you can be saved. It tells you that your life isn’t an accident. The Bible tells you how to be forgiven. It tells you how God can use you for good in the world. 

Do you regularly read from the Word of God so that your life can be restored, and you know His will for your life? 

Prayer Focus:

Dear Father God, I thank you that I have scriptures to change and direct my life, I am sorry that I do not place enough importance on spending time in Your Word on a regular basis. Lord, please help me to realign my priorities in the future. Amen