Renew, Rebuild, Restore - A 21 Day Prayer Devotional


Restored life in Christ

Prophet Ezekiel is shown a vision about the spiritual state of the people of Israel. The people of Israel felt that they were disconnected from God and stood in a place where they felt dry and hopeless. I believe most of us can relate to this feeling, as we would have gone through a similar journey in our lives, where we have felt hopeless, dry and cut-off. But the Lord sent a word to his people through his prophet. As you are reading, this word might be your prophecy. Just like how God restored the future of the people of Israel by sending His breath of life and resurrected all the dead dry bones through his spirit, God can just do the same for you. God can resurrect your dead finances, your dead marriage, your dead family relationship, your dead situation at work, where you feel that you are completely lost and there is no hope. 

As you spend time in prayer, ask for the Holy Spirit to resurrect your faith and trust in Him completely for the holy spirit to move and work in your life. You will see restoration happening in your life. As apostle Paul writes in Romans 8: 11, the same spirit that resurrected Christ from the dead, is alive in us. Let us live out the resurrection power in our life, and experience restoration in the name of Jesus. 

Prayer Focus:

Lord, I pray that you will restore my lost hope and future. Just as you promised to the people of Israel, “I have spoken, I have done it”, help me to hold on to your promises and to your word. I receive your restoration in Jesus name, Amen.