Ancora Kids Remember Jesus

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Which special days do you remember in your home? In your country? How do you celebrate?

Jewish people celebrate the Passover by eating a special meal together. Passover is a celebration of the time when God rescued his people from Egypt.

Read today’s two Bible passages from Mark’s gospel if you haven’t already done so.

Where did Jesus eat the special meal?

· At home?

· On the Mount of Olives?

· In an upstairs room?

Jesus gave the festival an extra meaning. What did Jesus say about the bread?

“This is my ___________.”

What did Jesus say about the wine?

“This is my ___________.”

In many churches people still use bread and wine to remind them of Jesus. The service may be called communion, Eucharist or breaking of bread. What happens in your church? 

Pray. “Lord Jesus, help me to see how awesome Jesus’ actions were. Help me to understand what they mean for me.”

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