Ancora Kids Remember Jesus

Day 2 of 3 • This day’s reading



Best friends stick together when bad things happen. Right? See what Jesus said his friends would do when things got tough and bad things happened to him.

Read Mark chapter 14, verses 27 to 31.

What does Peter say? “I will never _______.”

But Jesus says: “Before the cock crows twice, you will ____________.”

Who do you think was right about what Peter would do? (You can find out in the Bible reading plan: Ancora Kids At The Trial.)

Jesus knew Peter really well. He knew Peter would let him down but that didn’t stop Jesus loving him.

Jesus knows each one of us really well. He knows what we’re like and that doesn’t stop him loving us!

Pray. “Lord Jesus, I praise you because you still went ahead and did something very hard, even though you knew your friends would let you down.”