Pray Through Scripture: Anxiety

Day 3 of 7 • This day’s reading


1 Peter 5:5–11

Today you will pray through 1 Peter 5:5–11. At root, this is a passage about humility. What has humility to do with anxiety? Everything. This isn’t to say that all anxiety is caused by arrogance. But humility is necessary to undermine anxiety. 

Peter tells us to clothe ourselves in humility toward one another, and to humble ourselves under God’s mighty hand. To acknowledge the might of God’s hand requires humility on our part. We do not appreciate God’s strength if we are enamored with our own. Even anxiety can stem from a preoccupation with our own strength if we feel that the solution is accumulating more power.

No, God is strong enough for whatever we face. If any problem or potential problem we face will be overcome, it must happen through the strong intervention of the Lord. So Peter tells us to cast all of our anxieties upon him. Why? Because he is strong, certainly. But also because he cares. 

Keep in mind that none of this makes things easy. Peter presents the possibility of attack and suffering. Yet once again he points us to a Person: the God of all grace will himself restore, confirm, establish, and strengthen you. It is all about the power and care of the God who loves us infinitely. 

Take the time now to pray through 1 Peter 5:5–11. Ask God for everything the passage commands. Affirm before God everything the passage asserts. Turn these words into a plea for greater trust until they become a statement of fact that rings true in your heart.