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Pray Through Scripture: AnxietySample

Pray Through Scripture: Anxiety

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This seven day devotional is designed to teach you the art of praying through Scripture. We tend to read the Bible in order to learn, and this is appropriate. But keep in mind: God wrote these words through people, and these were people like you and me. They had experiences like ours. And God worked through them to write prayers, thoughts, and statements to him and about him. 

So a valid approach to reading Scripture is to read it as a prayer: to let these statements and prayers and questions become ours, to voice these things to God. When we pray Scripture, we ask God to make the words of these ancient Spirit-filled authors true in our hearts and minds; we borrow these powerful words and questions as a means of drawing personally closer to God. So for the next seven days, let the Bible form your prayers to God as you approach him regarding anxiety. 

Psalm 121

Today, pray through Psalm 121. Notice that this Psalm is the reflection of a traveler on a potentially dangerous journey. The question posed is simple: I am in trouble, so where will I find help? The answer is also simple: from the LORD. 

Anxiety is a complex, serious, sometimes debilitating human experience. You will find volumes written on its nature, origin, and treatment. But Psalm 121 matter-of-factly sets the foundation for addressing anxiety: my help comes from the Lord. Get all the help and treatment you need. Do everything you can to work through your anxiety. But at root we must know this: my help comes from the Lord. Your anxiety may be frequent and unpredictable, but the Lord never sleeps, and he will keep your going out and coming in from this time forth and forevermore. 

The struggle is real, and the Lord is present in it. 

Take the time now to pray through Psalm 121. Make these words your own. Pray them repeatedly until it becomes your plea to God. Pray these words until they become your own statement of fact.


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Pray Through Scripture: Anxiety

This seven-day devotional will teach you the art of praying through Scripture as you address the subject of anxiety. When we pray Scripture, we ask God to make the words of these ancient Spirit-filled authors true in our...


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