Singleness: A 5-Day Devotional

Day 5 of 5 • This day’s reading


In Christ we find a whole new identity—his identity becomes ours. As we drink the living water, we discover that our human relationships are losing the power to define us, and the illusion that they can fulfill us is beginning to evaporate. And we come to understand our real need—what causes our thirst—for the first time. 

It’s not the love of a man that we’ve needed after all; it’s being set free from thinking it was. It’s not having our past bad choices erased from view; it’s having them forgiven. It’s not the removal of all our sin’s consequences; it’s God’s grace redeeming those consequences for our good and for others to whom he will send us. 

Learn more: In Finding God in My Loneliness , author Lydia Brownback offers biblical encouragement for women to help them see how God can redeem seasons of loneliness and draw them to the only true and lasting remedy: union with Jesus.