Singleness: A 5-Day Devotional

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When loneliness covers us like a blanket, our instinct is to look for a way out. When we don’t know Christ as our treasure, we seek escape in whatever we can see in front of us—certain habits or indulgences, places we go, and even certain relationships. 

Not only are such things more ready at hand, it seems, but also, at some level, we tend to blame God for our loneliness. We won’t know him as our greatest treasure if our view of him is skewed, and the more we seek escape from our pain in worldly things, the more warped our view of God becomes. Instead of looking for a way out of loneliness, we need to look at Jesus. Only then will we discover that he is what we’ve been looking for all along. And only then will we really be willing to “sell” our earthly possessions and acquisitions for the sake of God and his kingdom.