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Shift in Priorities

Saul was a Pharisee of Pharisees, from a noble lineage and instructed in the Jewish religious system. His allegiance was so strong to the traditions of his fathers that he would cut down anyone who threatened that system. And that is just what he was doing – persecuting the Jews who followed Christ. The old system gave him power, and his priority was to fight to keep that power. His zeal for his own agenda blinded him to the truth.

Unfortunately, people in the workplace today are often just as zealous to protect the systems that have given them power and authority. This blinds them to God’s design and purpose for their work. The world teaches us to look out for number one – meaning ourselves. We are taught to climb the ladder of success, to excel in our professions. Title and salary are how we know we’re making it. If we want to follow God at work, this thinking needs to shift.

God wants us to make Him our priority and see success according to His definition. Jesus appeared to Saul on the road to Damascus to open his eyes to God’s way – one of caring for others and serving. As a result of having his eyes opened by Jesus, Saul, who was renamed Paul, shifted his priorities from his own self-interest to what God wanted. 

Jesus tells us in Matthew 20:26-27 that those who want to be great must be servants. It’s not about our own glory, but His. And we bring Him the greatest glory when we serve others through our work.

In what ways has your work culture blinded you to God’s priorities for your work? What can you do to shift your priorities from self-interest to interest in others? 


Father, thank you for sending Jesus to open our eyes to your purpose for our work. Your ways are not the world’s ways. Help us to recognize when we are focusing on ourselves. Give us the strength and conviction to shift to the interests of others. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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