Nobody Like You From Red Rocks Worship


 "You speak and waters crash upon the sand. 

The oceans push and pull at your command.

You hold the moon and stars within your hands. 

And all with just a breath the world began." 

In the first verse of ”Nobody Like You”, there is mention of God’s voice being responsible for the behavior of the oceans and the creation of all we see around us. We read in Genesis 1 about how He spoke, and then there was light. He continued to speak until everything around us was created. How easy is it for us to forget that as He inhales, He does so in preparation to speak out the most powerful, creative force in all  the galaxies? There's nobody like this God. In one moment, He redefined the vast expanses of nothingness into light, color, and form. With each syllable bending the knee of science and order to His authority. The earth literally bound itself and all its functions to His voice in order to carry out His command and continues to vigilantly await the next. It is this same voice that speaks with affection and understanding to us today. 

In Mark 4:37-39, Jesus shows us His power by speaking to a raging storm and calming the wind and waves. The disciples were shocked at how even nature bent its will to him as He spoke. His words are still as potent now as they were then, in the beginning. When He says in Matthew 5:4, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted,” He puts the same amount of creativity and care into motion for the mourner as He did when creating the complexity of our solar system. When He labels us his children in 1 John 3:1, the adoption is sealed by His Word and with such authority that no one, not even the enemy of our souls could contradict. When He speaks to our identity in Romans 8:37 and calls us “more than conquerors,” whether we feel it or not, we change instantly and drastically. And when He tells us we are forgiven, every crimson stain encounters mercy and is changed to the most brilliant of white. 

There's nobody like this God. How comforting is it to know that there is no insecurity to be found in His words? Or to trust that He never speaks out of turn? He loves to speak peace into brokenness, and truth into doubt. This is our God. We get to put our confidence in all of his promises knowing that whatever he says, will come to pass. It’s this voice that we are praying would speak healing to hearts as they listen and worship with us. We are speaking John 10:27 over every listener, "My Sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me." Our response to the depths of this love and the power of His Word will always be worship. We respond with wonder singing, “There’s nobody like you, and there will never be.”



by Kory Miller