Girl, Wash Your Face

Girl, Wash Your Face

DAY 3 OF 5

The Bible’s instructions for parents can be overwhelming. Is it possible to live up to God’s commands? While you may not be perfect, you serve a God who is. This perfect God intentionally linked you with your children because he knew that you would be the parent they would need.

The God who made the moon and the stars and the mountains and the oceans, the creator who did all of those things, believed that you and your baby were meant to be a pair. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be a perfect fit. That doesn’t mean you won’t make mistakes. It does mean that you need not fear failure because you can’t fail a job you were created to do. . . .

You need to care, truly care that you are raising your babies to grow up to be good people. You need to do the work today to ensure that it happens. On some days you will knock it out of the ballpark, and on other days you will scream the house down. . . .

Good news! Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow you’ll count to ten before you lose your temper, and maybe they’ll eat every bite of the dinner you made and say something so hilarious you’ll think, Man, people without kids are totally missing out! You will experience every kind of day as a mama, and you will need to accept the grab bag of good, bad, ugly, awesome, magical, and miserable days as a parent. You don’t have to get it right all the time. You don’t have to do things like anybody else’s mom.

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Girl, Wash Your Face

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