Girl, Wash Your Face

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God created you with a unique blend of personality, strengths, and potential. And while that’s true, it’s tempting to focus instead on the lies that make you feel inadequate. Does that ever happen to you? Do you ever give in to nagging doubts? You probably know them all too well.

Have you ever believed that you aren’t good enough? That you’re not thin enough? That you’re unlovable? That you’re a better version mom? Have you ever believed that you deserve to be treated badly? That you’ll never amount to anything?

All lies.

All lies perpetuated by society, the media, our family of origin, or frankly—and this is my Pentecostal showing—by the Devil himself. These lies are dangerous and devastating to our sense of worth and our ability to function. The most sinister thing about them is that we rarely hear them at all. We rarely hear the lies we’ve created about ourselves because they’ve been playing so loudly in our ears for so long that they’ve become white noise. The hateful narrative bombards us every day, yet we don’t even realize it’s there. Recognizing the lies we’ve come to accept about ourselves is the key to growing into a better version of ourselves. . . .

I believe that you are not a mistake—and feeling guilt about who you are (working, staying at home, overweight, underweight, overeducated, uneducated, emotional, bookish, street-smart, or whatever) does a disservice to yourself and the creator who made you.