Financial Release

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 The Attitude of The Anointing

If motives are the “why” and “what,” attitude is the “how.” Attitude is where we keep our impulses in check as our territory expands.

Attitude is a posture and a perspective. When we experience God’s provision, our mind expands and we begin to position ourselves to birth a hope and a future. Additionally, our focus becomes sharper and we start embracing potential while placing emphasis on the value of our decisions. 

Attitude illustrates to God our ability to manage what we currently have in our possessions prior to asking for more. History is filled with examples of people who have lost their fortune, due to an attitude, or posture, of ignorance. These people are left ashamed and finger-pointing. This isn’t God because God doesn’t put us to shame. Your financial future is up to you. God wants to collaborate with us but will our attitude perceive collaboration or point fingers when we mismanage?

This season is to prepare the nations for the return of Yeshua Hamashiach, therefore; as God elevates you, you must decrease. Your attitude must be that of a servant and a plumb line.