Financial Release


We Cannot Outgive God


It is impossible to mention receiving without studying giving. Giving illustrates a selfless behavior pattern that is rivaled by God’s selflessness. There are four different types of giving in the Bible that deal directly with our finances: tithe, offering, first fruits, and alms. Each giving type has a design and a return. Most people do not understand that giving is not an option but a command, especially concerning tithing and first fruits. Learning the command assured me that I could never out give God. Below you will find a brief study on the four giving types:

Tithe - Tithing is associated with obedience and demonstrates to God that you are aware of what belongs to Him while acknowledging what you are to do with His portion-the first tenth. In Malachi 3:8, we are asked a very simple question: “Will a man rob God?” The question is rhetorical, describing the cause of missing the mark by not following this law, and consequently the results of correction. 

So why is tithing so important for us? Tithing acts as an insurance policy that rebukes Satan’s plan to make you barren, it opens the windows of Heaven; protecting, and transporting resources to you during a drought, and famine. Lastly, tithing meets the needs of the ministry you serve in (Malachi 3:10).

Offering -  While tithing is an insurance policy on the remaining 90% of your income. Giving an offering is a spiritual seed you plant, in which God openly rewards your efforts. For example, farmers plant not knowing the outcome, but the weather is a variable that is out of their control, although the weather is important, consistency plays a bigger factor. A farmer must plant seeds consistently; for in due season they know that they “shall reap if they faint not.” 

Offering than implies, whatever resource is sown-the giver shall see a return of 30, 60, or 100-fold. Giving an offering is spiritual but it places the demand on your efforts in the natural. Therefore, when you participate in offering you should have something for God to reward; a project you’re working on, a business you’re starting, or scholarships and grants you applied for. By giving an offering, you give from your portion, and as you purpose in your heart (2 Corinthians 9:7). 

First Fruits - When you give your first fruits offering, you are demonstrating unselfishness and gratefulness for what God has done for you; how far God has brought you, and where He is leading you. 

First fruit is a Jewish feast held in Spring, the third day after Passover and the second day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. It was a celebration and thanksgiving of God’s provision. It is an act of acknowledgment of deliverance from Egypt, and Thanksgiving getting to the Promised land.

According to Leviticus 23:9-14, no grain was to be harvested until first fruits had been giving-or, no income touched until your first portion was presented and offered. In giving first fruits; it is a measure of faith and is how you propose to give in your heart, some give a full month of income in the new year, some offer their first paycheck of the new year, and others the first of their crops.

Alms - Giving is synonymous with compassion, I call it being a good human.  In the Greek, the word “alms” can be translated to “pity and mercy.” Alms is when you give to the poor; expecting nothing in return, and allowing God to become the repayment plan.

I have been fortunate to experience God as my Provider, due to my obedience in giving. I teach my children all of these laws, and I wanted to share them with you.