The Priestly Prayer Of The Blessing

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DAY 3: Light and Darkness

In Hebraic thought, light equates to order and darkness to chaos. Light had to be created first so that YHWH could bring order. When the Priestly Prayer of the Blessing is proclaimed over you by Yeshua (Jesus) our High Priest, you will find that the face of G-D shining upon you brings order. As the Father imparts a portion of Himself upon you, your thoughts will become singular. Your God-given purpose, your calling becomes crystal clear.

The enemy of our soul loves to bring confusion. As the enemy attacks us with circumstances, trials, and challenges, we often find ourselves embroiled in conflicting thoughts. We often become apprehensive and disquieted, and sometimes this leads to oppression or even depression. Many times we are conflicted and puzzled when making decisions. Yet when the face of YHWH (our heavenly Father) begins to shine upon us, we sense that everything is going to be OK. We become single-minded. Our thoughts become aligned with His thoughts.

Just as YHWH said at Creation, “Let there be light,” to bring to order that which was in darkness and chaos, so too this occurs when we can spiritually see His face (panim) because His face is the source of illumination—of light.