The Priestly Prayer Of The Blessing

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Day 1: The LORD Keep You

Most of us equate the word keep with obedience. Most of us think of this word when it comes to keeping the commandments. In reality it carries the idea of guarding. A shepherd in the wilderness would build a coral to protect his sheep from predators. They would use stones to fashion a wall and then place thorn bushes on top to keep out predators, such as wolves.

YHWH (our heavenly Father) is saying that He will place a hedge of protection around us, hemming us in with thorns to keep the enemy (predators) from getting to us.

With the divine embrace of our heavenly Father through this Priestly Prayer of the Blessing we are delivered instantly from the enemy’s attacks, whether it be from others, or from spiritual harassment, oppression and in some cases possession.

It is His arms that are likened to a “thorny hedge” of protection. Satan and his demons can never penetrate the security of the arms of YHWH. You are protected from all things. Why? Because G-D sees us as His spiritual sons and daughters because of what Yeshua (Jesus) did on the cross for us.