Pioneer: 5 Days Of Inspiration For Risk-Takers

Day 4 of 5 • This day’s reading


We’ve all done it before: Ran 3.67 miles instead of the planned 4, read 12 chapters of that book instead of 16, gotten 4 days through that Bible study plan instead of 5. Rather than finishing, we get comfortable with being almost finished, almost to our destination. Resistance in the form of exhaustion, discouragement, or distraction finally knocks us over and keeps us from moving forward to our final home. 

When we talk about the pioneers that have shaped History, do we ever mention the travelers that almost reached their destination, but decided to stop a little early? Do we talk about the inventors that could have created the light bulb, but didn’t have the stamina to get their idea off the ground? Do we praise the men and women who might have, if they engaged their faith a little bit more, reached the Promised Land, slain giants, or saved their people? 

No. Because a pioneer knows where their home is. 

Your home is that place that God is calling you to, that I-finished-what-I-was-called-to-start place that you should never stop short of. If you’ve been given an academic or spiritual destination, why would you for one second believe that God didn’t also give you the stamina, the vision, the faith to reach that destination? Even in daily Christian life, we forget that our ultimate home is not Earth as it is, but an eternal house not made with hands.

You haven’t been called to stop halfway to your destination. You haven’t been called to finish half of that book, or half of that degree, or live a half-hearted life for Jesus. You’ve been called to finish what you’ve started. You’ve been called to go home. 

Today, ask God to give you the endurance to push through when you don’t feel like finishing. Ask Him to remind you of what your home is and why it’s important you get there. Take the time to journal steps you can take to stay committed and people you can call for accountability and assistance when you need it most. No pioneer every truly walks alone. 

Every pioneer arrives. You can arrive