Hebrews: A 28-Day Musical Devotional


The Book of Hebrews

The Book of Hebrews can oftentimes seem intimidating. The unusual structure of the letter, coupled with the large amount of Old Testament references and priestly language, can make some 21st-century heads start to spin. But once you understand the basics of the form and the overall content, you’ll find Hebrews to be a straightforward (and very rewarding) book of the Bible.

The purpose of the letter is to instruct believers about the glory of Christ and their need to endure in the faith. Indeed, it is these two themes that tie the entire epistle together. The author, whoever he is, goes back and forth between what is called exposition and exhortation. The exposition consists of those passages that describe, or expose, the person and work of Jesus. It traces the descent of Christ from his exalted state in heaven to his humble human form on earth, where he is appointed as a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek. In his priestly role, Jesus offers himself in the heavenly tabernacle as the Day of Atonement sacrifice for our sins, thus inaugurating the new covenant of grace. The exhortation complements the exposition and is comprised of passages in which the author offers commands to his readers, exhorting them to live faithfully until the end of their lives. Five warning passages intertwine the letter, oftentimes near the seams of the narrative. 

For the next four weeks, you will be guided through this epistle as you read all thirteen chapters and listen to the music from the Hebrews album by Psallos. The Hebrews album is an artistic and imaginative paraphrase of the Book of Hebrews scored for vocals, rock/folk band, and large chamber ensemble. Corresponding to each day’s passage is a lyric video that that allows you to listen to the music, read the words that are sung, and even sing along if you’d like!

Today’s reading kicks things off with an Old Testament passage about the coming new covenant. Read Jeremiah’s words with anticipation: the stage is set, the lights are cued, the curtain is drawn…the Son of God is about to appear…

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