Systematic Theology: A 7-Day Crash Course

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Revelation: In Creation and Scripture

General revelation comes to all, while special revelation goes only where God sends it. The former appears in verses 1–6, the latter in verses 7–11. God has revealed a token of his greatness in creating the sky, which eloquently broadcasts his existence and beauty (vv. 1–3). Moreover, his revelation in the sky and sun is continuous and universal (vv. 2, 6).

God also reveals himself in special revelation in his Word (vv. 7–11). The psalm uses six names for the Word of God: “law” (instruction), “testimony” (truth attested by God), “precepts” (precise rules), “commandment” (an order by God’s authority), “fear” (the revealed way to revere God), and “rules.” David describes the Word with seven adjectives bearing three different insights. Scripture is sound or unimpaired (“perfect”); reliable (“sure,” “true”); and holy (“right,” “pure,” “clean,” and “righteous”). God’s Word reflects his qualities.

God’s enduring Word (v. 9) brings spiritual refreshment (v. 7), wisdom (vv. 7, 8), and joy (v. 8). We ought, therefore, to delight in the Word more than in wealth or favorite foods (v. 10). Through Scripture God warns and rewards, so David asks God to help him flee inadvertent and willful sins (vv. 11–13). David ends the psalm by extolling God as refuge and champion (v. 14).

Theology for Life—Through Christ we know our Creator and his marvelous creation! Do we delight in Scripture as we do in money or favorite foods?