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Hollywood Prayer Network On Character And IntegritySample

Hollywood Prayer Network On Character And Integrity

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“The road to becoming such a person-a child of light-involves abandoning everything to God: what others think of us, what others' harmful motives might be, fears about what others might do to us, hopes for getting ahead. We come to truly believe that God "knows what He's doing, and He'll keep on doing it"  Jan Johnson   

PRAY:  Lord, I pray for the Christians who are creating films, TV shows, music, and video games, to stay strong in character and integrity. For You promise us that the integrity of the upright will guide us and our decisions. I ask that the people who create the world's media and entertainment will not be unfaithful, for their unfaithfulness will destroy both them and the audience they are serving. Fill our creative leaders with Your character and integrity, in Jesus' Name.

REFLECT:  Reflect on what type of people you want our media leaders to be. Since they produce all of the TV shows you watch, all the movies you go to and all the songs that you listen to, have you thought how their hearts guide their creativity? If they have dark hearts without a knowledge of the Lord or His hope, joy, and truth, what type of entertainment will they be creating? Did you ever consider that the content of our world's entertainment can only change if the hearts of the people creating it change.   

ACT:  Think of any entertainment industry leaders or other influencers you may know or watch, and pray specifically for them by name, asking the Lord to give them strength, wisdom, and to be a person of integrity and of strong character. Pray that they will not be duplicitous people as they impact the world with the media they create, produce, and distribute around the world. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill him or her with integrity of Jesus.   


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Hollywood Prayer Network On Character And Integrity

God wants us to place great value on our character. He wants us to be people of integrity, to be Christ-like, so that we can be good examples, strong Ambassadors of His, and people that others can trust. What is your mor...


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